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Take a look at our 52 step marketing plan that will get your home sold along with the support and advice along the way to closing.



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Market and sell your property for the best price with our innovative and strategic approach. From preparing your listing to closing the deal, we’ll be by your side the entire process.


We are positive you want to sell your home the first time around- quickly, properly and with confidence in your agent. We strive to offer you that confidence. We do not just say what we will do. We show it with results.

Come and sit with one of our team members to consult with you and discuss who you are, your home and what your home may be worth. Monarch Realty Group is a personalized, boutique real estate agency with our focus on you.



It is easy to place your home in the MLS database and a sign in the yard. However, our in-house marketing department works with you and your agent. See our step by step guide to get your home SOLD.


This is the first step to getting your home listed. There is no obligation to meet one of our real estate agents for a free consultation. Prices of homes vary based on condition, location and size. Let's make sure we price your home correctly the first time. If we do decide to work together, we will then begin the process of listing your home, offer advice, write up your legal Tennessee real estate contracts and walk through you from beginning to end.


A real estate agent is also a marketer. If one does not know how to market a property it will be harder to sell. We do not want to give away all of our secrets until we meet.

However, we will share this:

an ad in 'Homes & Land' and our own publication 'American Lifestyle Magazine'. We will create your own website with professional photos and description and other important details. A social media presence. View my 52-step marketing your property process here.


Sometimes sellers need licensed service professionals to perform large fixes or just to clean up your home- such as over hanging tree limbs, fixing a plumbing issue, service an HVAC, landscaping, exterior paint jobs and fix items if needed. We also provide tips and tricks to get your home sold faster and for the desired price. For instance, fresh coats of paint in neutral colors can help a lot, de-cluttering, re-arrange furniture or little projects like changing door knobs. It does not have to be a big rehab.

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