• Debbie Shulman

Senior Downsizing Guide

Many seniors look around in their sixties, seventies, or beyond and realize that the home that they live in is too big, full of clutter, expensive to live in, tiring to take care of, or isolated. The solution to these problems is often to downsize by moving to a smaller home, moving in with a relative, or moving into some kind of residential community designed for seniors. The thought of starting over in a new location can be overwhelming, however. Some seniors and their families find it incredibly difficult to begin the process.

For those who realize they need to downsize their lifestyle by selling their home, or for those who want to help their elderly loved ones with the downsizing process, we have put together tips to make the process easier. Below you’ll find information on the different types of downsizing, reducing stress during downsizing, an in-depth downsizing checklist, and more.

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