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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Updated: Sep 1

The thought of spring cleaning may sound overwhelming to you. It does for me. But when you shift your mindset to understanding the value of it, the idea may be more uplifting than you once thought.

All winter you have been cooped up in your home. Dreary cold weather has gotten you down- right? I start to get really bored of it too. Then the warmer weather comes, snow melts, creeks flow, birds start to sing and the flowers bud, now you are getting it.

Spring cleaning is a renewal. A time to get the old stuff out or put a way. Time to disinfect and remove those germs that gathered up all season. I mean a really deep clean when disinfecting. Like the walls, ceilings, cob webs, corners, under rugs, on top of kitchen cabinets, under the bed, etc.

I collaborated with my team to give you suggestions that help us. In this guide we will help you stay focused. Get the family involved. Do one room at a time. Set deadlines and treat yourself when all of it is done.

You will learn about what to giveaway, what to store and hold on to and throw away.

you will notice a room by room checklist of things to do in that space. In the kitchen, clean chairs, polish silverware, wash floor registers, things that you may normally miss or not clean very day.

Examples of cleaning the living room would be laundering throw pillows, cleaning the sofa, wash window screens, clean up electrical wires and sort through DVD collections.

Finally you will read what a 15 minute clean up can do for you once you have completed that deep clean. The 15 minute clean ma not be white glove clean, but suitable for guests who want to stop by and you don't have time to really clean up.

I hope you find these tips and tricks to spring cleaning informative, fun and rewarding . Let me know how it goes.

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